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Reviews – Remington MS2-390 Shaver

By Rayy Zar

Remington MS2-390The mid-priced MS2-390 is the most popular of Remington’s range of shavers. According to an official product description:

This product has two titanium microscreens with ComforTech contour technology. It also utilizes a CleanShave washable design and an easy grip surface. There is a three position pop-up trimmer for precise trimming and hard to cut hairs. This shaver is rechargeable and corded with charging indicator light. It will do a 1 Hour Quick Charge and is compatible with worldwide voltage. A full charge will produce a 60 minute run time. It comes with a deluxe travel pouch and cleaning brush. Manufacturer has a 30 day performance guarantee.

It has attracted more than 740 reviews at Amazon, a high number, although it should be noted that  the average rating is just 3.5 stars. The most popular shavers from rival manufacturers generally carry ratings of more than four stars.

Here is an excerpt from a three-star review that reflects some of the negative feelings about the shaver:

I have owned several Remington Shavers for many years. I found this one to be OK, but not spectacular. The titanium foil on the heads gives it a closer and slightly more comfortable shave than the stainless steel foil on previous models. Where it falls short is in the overall quality of the shaver. It just doesn’t feel as substantial as some of the earlier models I have owned, and still own. The pop up trimmer, at least the one on my shaver pops up very very slowly. “Pop up” is a little optimistic, I would characterize it more properly as “saunters up at a casual pace”. While this is no big deal, I think it reflects that this model was just not made up to the highest standards of Remingtons that I have owned in the past.

And part of another three-star review:

This trimmer is pretty weak and inefficient compared to other shavers I’ve used. It’s just not powerful and doesn’t cut the hairs well. Eventually I get a good shave, but it takes a long time of going over my face over and over. I think I’m going to buy a different shaver and just keep this as a backup. The previous Remington model that I had, Remington F4790, is cheaper than this one and does a better job (at least as far as the trimmer goes). I might order that same one again.

And yet…this shaver does have more than 450 four-star and five-star reviews, a high number. Many users say this is the best shaver they have ever used.

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Reviews – Wahl Professional 8061 5-star Shaver

By Rayy Zar

Wahl Professional 8061Wahl is one of the smaller players in the men’s shaver market, but its mid-priced Professional 8061 5-star Series is very popular.

The only official product description available is brief:

  • Super-close bump-free shaving
  • Coated hypoallergenic foil
  • Cord/cordless operation

Nevertheless, it has attracted more than 180 customer reviews at Amazon, with an average rating of 3.9 stars – good, but not great. Though more than 100 of the reviews are five-star, there are also quite a few one-star and two-star reviews, suggesting you love or you hate this shaver.

Here’s an excerpt from a four-star review:

This shaver replaced a Panasonic that cost over twice as much. The Wahl shaved faster, closer, and with less skin irritation than the Panasonic. It also lasted longer between charges. The only flaw immediately apparent was the lack of a pop-up trimmer. I thought it was an excellent value. I have a heavy beard, and it did the job. After having the product for a while, I purchased a new replacement foil & cutter bar assembly, as suggested in the instructions. The new replacement foil lasted exactly two weeks & fell apart (making it and the shaver useless) – it had a defect in the molding of the plastic which held it together. After some miscommunication, Wahl Customer Service replaced the defective part at no charge, telling me that they were aware of the defect and had remedied the situation. The shaver now works as well as it did when new.

And part of a five-star review:

I’ve been using this shaver for years (thanks to my old barber) and it definitely works – BUT only for stubble-length hair. This shaver won’t do much for hair longer than that… In my opinion this shaver gives me the closest shave I’ve ever gotten without having to put a blade & shave gel on my face or scalp. I highly recommend this product.

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