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That Barbershop Shaved Feeling

Campbells Shave CreamInteresting post at the Badger and Blade forum, on the merits of Campbell’s Liquid Shave Cream Concentrate.

After discussing my shaving practices with my barber, who has been shaving for over 50 years, he gave me a couple of technique and product suggestions….He uses Campbell’s shave cream for his hot lather machine at home. He said to put a couple of drops of the concentrate in the bottom of a bowl and whip it up with a brush and some hot water. No need to buy the $300 machine it’s supposed to work with. I’ve always liked the super clean smell of Campbell’s. 

The product has only three user reviews at Amazon, but all three share the love, rating it five stars. Here’s one of the reviews:

My father was a barber, and he used this product for many years in his lather machines! It is a great product for anyone that wants that barbershop shaved feeling!

New Men’s Products from Dove

Dove men's careUnilever is working to ride the men’s grooming wave with a series of new products in its Dove Men + Care line.

According to Bloomberg Business Week:

“Fifty percent of guys don’t like shaving because of irritation,” says Rob Candelino, Unilever’s vice president for marketing. For this group, the company launched more basic Dove Men+Care face-moisturizing and shaving products last March, with prices under $8. It sold well, so executives decided to upgrade the concept.

Based on Amazon reviews, the Dove products have been extremely well received. For example, the Dove Men + Care Body and Face Bar has, at the time of writing, an amazing (for a bar of soap!) 373 customer reviews, the great majority of them rating it four or five stars.

Here is one typical review:

I had developed some dry skin on my legs, and thought I should try a soap like Dove. I never liked the feminine angle to the product which has been sold for years as a face soap for the ladies. I saw the Dove Men’s product at the supermarket, liked the smell, and decided to order in on Amazon (where I do most of my shopping for non-perishable groceries). After a week of using it, my legs are much improved, and I’m using it everywhere else as well. I like the scent, how foamy it gets, and how clean I feel after using it. Overall an excellent product that really is for men.

Using Your New Shaving Set

Van Der Hagen shaving setThe Sharpologist website has a useful feature titled “How to Use That New Shaving Set,” for men wishing to take full advantage of a new Christmas gift.

An excerpt:

If you have been using a cartridge razor and you received a double edge (DE) razor, you may be entering new territory!  Don’t get discouraged if your first few shaves are not as good as you are used to.  You may have to “unlearn” some bad habits (particularly putting pressure on the razor) and learn (or re-learn) some simple skills to be successful at DE shaving.  

One of the best and most popular shaving sets, according to Amazon ratings, is the Van Der Hagen Men’s Luxury Shave Set (picture).