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A Shaver To Use While Snorkelling

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the Braun CoolTec shaver, which has been receiving some good reviews.

Now Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper has featured it in an article titled “The best Christmas presents for the technological home.”

Says the paper:

Left scratching your head over the best appliances, speakers and gadgets to buy this Christmas? The Telegraph Technology team rounds up everything you need to spruce up your home.

About the Braun CoolTec, it writes:

It may not have an app to tell you where you’ve missed but this shaver uses a specially developed cooling plate to soothe the skin during dry shaving. Waterproof to 5m, you could use it in the shower, or while snorkelling.

Braun CoolTec – Glowing Reviews

Some excellent reviews for the Braun CoolTec.

Here’s Canada’s Global News:

The Braun CoolTec shaver, $150, has unique cooling technology unlike any other shaver. Nestled between its three rows of three-stage, self-adjusting cutting heads is an aluminum cooling bar, which when optionally turned on feels literally ice cold.

For guys who tend to have sensitive skin when rubbing hard with traditional shavers, the CoolTec makes a huge difference and makes the boring task of shaving refreshing. I found it shaves better than most shavers. It is available in most stores.


The good Germans at Braun knew how to make an amazing shaver before. Now with the addition of some gadgetry, the foil shaver might just be something you can use year-round, and not just when you’re in a hurry for a passable shave.

The Braun CoolTec – best foil shaver money can buy, thanks to the incredible fusion of science and grooming.

Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper:

• 90 per cent of Telegraph readers described their overall experience using the Braun CoolTec as good or excellent.

• 100 per cent of Telegraph readers said the shaver made their skin feel comfortable during and after shaving.

• 95 per cent of readers said the cooling effect of the Braun CoolTec was noticeable and 91 per cent rated it good or excellent for reducing irritation.

• Nine out of ten Telegraph readers rated the Braun CoolTec good or excellent for giving a smooth shave.

• 91 per cent said they’d rate the Braun CoolTec as good or excellent when describing it to friends.

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