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Breakthrough – The Five-Year Razor Blade

bornSharp-MAIN7_self-sharpening-razor_940x392-1Early this year I quoted a columnist in the Los Angeles Times who wondered:

We can put men on the moon. We can make computers small enough to carry around in our pockets. But we can’t make a razor blade that stays sharp longer than a week?

Now comes word that a new start-up, BornSharp, has done exactly that. It has created a razor blade system that will give you around 2,000 shaves from a single blade – more than five years of daily shaving.

According to the company:

The BornSharp System consists of a handsomely designed and balanced razor, paired with the Sharpening Port, which fully automates the sharpening process while disinfecting the blade.

At the push of a button, the BornSharp System delivers a perfectly sharpened, disinfected, shave-ready razor.

After each shave, simply return the razor to its port. Push the Start button and let it do its thing automatically. The Sharpening Port locks the razor into place until the blade sharpening cycle is completed. Two sharpening cylinders spin to sharpen and polish both sides of the blade, precisely restoring the shaving edge. The blade is bathed in UV light, sterilizing and destroying any remaining microorganisms. The razor is then released and ready for your next shave. It happens in less than two minutes, with one button.

The company is seeking to raise $100,000 through funding platform Indiegogo in order to launch production.