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A Simple Question – What Is the Best Blade on the Market Today?

By Rayy Zar

Razor Blade SamplerAn interesting conversation is going on over at the Badger and Blade shaving forum, where a member asks a simple question: What is the best blade on the market today?

He stresses that he wants a “simple answer” – a blade that works well for “most everyone.”

Several dozen replies later, there is still no consensus, with the best response probably the following:

There is no simple answer otherwise we would all use the same blades. Depends on the razor used and your personal preference. If you want to find out for yourself, get a sampler pack and go ahead. Even when there is a blade that works great for 90% (which I doubt) it still can be worthless for you. No simple answer here!

Nevertheless, plenty of shavers were prepared to attempt an answer. Here are some of them:

* If I had to have only one type of blade, should be Gillette Black (Indian Super Platinum). If I could not find this blade, then should be Astra.

Personna Reds. Sharpness & also comfort.

Voskhods seems to be liked by everyone I have heard using it. It’s the one blade that seems to work great in all my razors.

Gillette 7 o’clock Super Platinum (aka 7 o’clock Blacks). There is nothing like having 10 different blades in your rotation though.

For me, the best all-around blade is the Astra-SP. It performs well no matter what razor I put it in, and works on any and all types of beards. If I were forced to have only one blade in the den, this would be it. But even so, I rarely use it anymore. Since my two favorite blades, Derby and Feather, are available in abundance, and each will out-perform the Astra when paired with the right type of razor, these are my weapons of choice for almost all of my shaves.

Gillette Silver Blue has been the best combination of smooth and sharp for my face so far, I have many more blades to try but of those that I have the GSB is the ONE blade that shaves me the best.